New PaperArtsy Frescos Family Groupings

As of August 2019, PaperArtsy have decided to recategorise the Fresco Paints into new Colour Groupings of 6. By the time the process is complete and all the new colours have been released there will 22 colour families of paint.

Note, this excludes Tracy Scotts (12) and Seth Apters (16) own paint colours. These are shown separately. It also excludes the glazes, metallics and pearly paints.

We have just had a flurry of new new paints with 10 family paints in August, 10 more in September and 4 Tracy Scott paints. 15 of the 22 families are now complete.

The fresco evolution is not finished yet, as PaperArtsy have promised further paints in October 2019 and more in early 2020.

By the time the process is complete if my maths is correct there will be a total at that point of 132 paints in the paint families (22 x 6)

6 glazes, 4 metallics, 2 pearly effects, 16 Seth Apter Paints and 12 Tracy Scott.

Total 172 paints.





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