New PaperArtsy Frescos Family Groupings

As of August 2019, PaperArtsy decided to begin a whole evolution of the Frescos. Gone was the previous family groupings of 4. And in with the new family groupings of 6. (22 family groupings in all when complete). 

The process is well under way. By early 2020, 19 of the 22 family groupings will be completed. (Actually a little sooner as you will be able to order the 8 colours which will help complete these 19 families on the evening of 29 December from Stampers Grove.)

The 3 family grouping that are coming in 2020 are: in March 2020 (Family 20 – Clean Greens) , June 2020 (Family 6 - Purple Blues) and August 2020 (Family 19 – Mint Greens) completing the 22 family groupings. 

That's not all. Tracy Scott and Seth Apter as you may know have their own paint colours. As of 14 December 2019, Tracy has 12 of her own plus 4 additional colours she has adopted during the reclassification stage making 16 colours (Tracy’s adopted colours: Cherry Red, Banana, Southern Skies and Vintage Lace). 

Seth has his 16 colours plus 4 adopted colours making 20 (Seth’s adopted colours: Squid ink, Pixie Dust, Turquoise, Hint of Mint).

Oh and both Tracy and Seth have 4 more colours in the January 2020 release available to order from Stampers Grove on evening of 30/12/2019 (Seth) and 2/1/2020 (Tracy).

Inevitably that with such an overhaul there are some casualties. 5 colours are being retired off:  Plum, Very Berry, London Night, Mushroom and Dusty Teal. Still available until sold out.

And let’s not forget the glazes, metallics and pearly paints. (12 of these in total).

So how many Frescos do we or will have? Well as of 14 December 2019 we have:

104 in the family groupings (Family Groups 3, 8, 18 are will be completed following the January 2020 release), Seth Apter’s 20 colours and Tracy Scott’s 16 colours,  6 glazes, 4 metallics, 2 pearly effects.

So Total number of Frescos at 14 December 2019 is 152 Frescos

Increasing to 168 Frescos after the January 2020 release

and again to 186 when the Family Groupings are complete. 



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